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You still acces it from www.graphic-exchange.com and all the archives of post done since june 2006 will stay here.


Olivier Guirault

perso/ october 31th (2012) / 10.46 PM / from Ubud, Bali


As I am working on mr-cup.com, it will also includes an updated version of my portfolio. Among new projects, are this picture of my artist friend Olivier Guirault. I love his work, and sadly he is not a "web" guy, so I HAVE the show his work... My aim is to inspires you, as much as he inspires me... His also the owner (and seller now) of the house I present here and design a web site for.

When we shot the picture of him drawing (last year, as you can see the christmas tree on the back), we have a great time listening to an old Genesis album... I send a free wood letter if you guess which album it was...

www.oliviergirault.com / www.maisonavendre-gard.com

Mr Cup in Singapore / Nice to meet you : The gentlemen press

perso/ october 29th (2012) / 11.08 PM / from Ubud, Bali


So, I am working hard for the launch of www.mr-cup.com, so I have few time for the blog... but want to post about all the nice people I met in Singapore. On october 18th, guided by Yong, designer behind Somewhere Else, we go to visit Michelle & Shian, the nice and passionate girls behind The gentlemen press letterpress and design studio... Frédérique, my wife, was with me, and she can shoot while we werre talking about paper and ink ;) Hope we can do it more often...

The gentlemen press / And before you ask, I wear a shirt by the unrefinery

MrCup Helvetica WOOD letters final / MrCup launch date annoucement

perso / october 23th (2012) / 6.29 PM / from Ubud - Bali / direct link


I am really please to show you the pictures of the Helvetica Wood letters in their final packaging, sillscreen fabric bags... As there are 2 collection, one in suar wood, the other in recycled color teck wood, both bags are differents too... All the recycled collection letters have different colors, I will show you more soon.

www.mr-cup.com will be launch on november 12th, this is the date we fixed with my developer... So, it will be on 12.11.12... It will present new projects in my portfolio, new stickers in the shop, and a new blog... with ads... yes, but not usual ads... I want them to be more a complement of the content of the blog, and if it can help me to visit more studios to do special post, I had too... And the wood letters will be on sell too, of course...

So for all who asked, no letterpress calendar this year... Sorry but it was fun to do the 2 issues, but my life is different now, and I want to focus on new things...


See all the images of the Wood letters project.

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Mr Cup in Singapore (2) and links...

perso/ october 22th (2012) / 10.52 PM / from Bali


I am back in Bali and last friday was another great day in Singapore meeting creatives... I want to goback there soon to met even more people, seeing everybody knows everybody and gave me contact for more visits...

So last friday I met the great team of hjgher, and it was great to share about creativy and their personal projects such as the underscore magazine... It was also nice to met Kiki, their great french buldog ;) Later this day I went to visit Felix NG, that you know for his agency work under the name slint with his partner, and for his non commercial projects under the name Anonymous... Again, I will do dedicated articles about all these great moments later... Some instagram images as it seems you love them !

Here come some links as I need to clean up my "things to post" list ;)

Area17 put online a permanet Exhibition dedicated to Arnaud Mercier, one of the designer who inspires me the most when I start designing, and who dramatically died last year. RIP. See exellence page here too.

Inspiring projects: Caine's Arcade, American craftsman, Those who make, My Colabs,

Web design : www.zensorium.com/tinke, 3 circle studio, Sage Fly Fishing, Big Orange Bully,

See flaf illustratio , Daniel Dueckminor photo

Read The Power of Negative Thinking

Use FrankDeLoupe app

Listen new Lenny Kravitz free track

More instagram images, I love 70's look for very modern airport :


Mr Cup in Singapore

perso/ october 18th (2012) / 10.09 PM / from Singapore / Fink new live album


So, after some days in Singapore, I want to post about it... sadly, I forget my USB cable in Bali, so I can not extract pictures of my camera, but I still can share some instagram pictures... Today, I met Yong, designer behind Somewhere Else, who contacted me after I post about coming here. We first go to visit Michelle & Shian, the nice and passionate girls behind The gentlemen press letterpress and design studio... I will do a full article about them next week, but you can see here some of the nice prints they gave me... We then go to some great places for the designer that I am and I found some nice vintages items and booklets... But will post about this later with more pictures... Just some instagram shots for now...


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