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Poster Process - The Black Keys - by DKNG

graphic / august 18th / 10:16 PM


Very interesting to see a different way to work... now I think I do not really know how to use illustrator !

Poster Process - The Black Keys from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.


J Fletcher design

graphic / august 17th / 10:09 AM / Fink - Perfect darkness


I already published Jay work, but I repost it here to have "everything in the right place" (you want to listen to Radiohead song now, don't you ??? I do...)
BBDO Minneapolis 80th anniversary by Allan Peters

graphic / july 14th / 11:28 PM


Very nice project by Allan Peters (again) : BBDO Minneapolis was born during Prohibition. So it was only appropriate the agency's 80th anniversary party be a speakeasy-themed soiree. They created this campaign to get BBDOers excited about the clandestine celebration.
Matt Lehman Studio

graphic / june 27th / 4:25 PM


I really like the mix of good illustration / great colors / Nice textures ;)

Vintage me oh my

graphic / june 19th / 0:15 AM / Midlake Courage of the others


Vintage me oh my is the recently lauch blog of Megan Cummins. She contacts me as she know I love these vintage packaging and letter works... Sometimes I would love to travel in time just to go into a shop and saw the packagings... Megan said very nice things on my work too and I thanks her (again) for that...

Seeing the collection presented already in inly 19 days, I am sure her blog will soon became a reference... Here come a small selection of images found there :




Vintage me oh my
Letterpress by Naomi Ross

graphic / may 22th / 11:24 PM


Shot with a Canon 7D

Mark Mothersbaugh - Nick & Norah's Theme

Vika and Vita Lopukhiny

graphic / may 18th / 1:24 PM / Ben Harper Give till it's gone

Typography always facinate me and I like how it is use and done here...



VikaVita_Lopukhiny on behance
Anthony Martinez

graphic / may 12th / 9:44 PM /

I know Anthony since he did an internship at mediafix when I work there years ago. He did this very nice set of 3 posters about "Clermont Ferrand" where I lived during 8 years before moving to the south... long story, this is the short version...

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