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Back to the future by Phantom City Creative

graphic / august 13td (2012) / 10.35 PM / from St Maurice de Cazevielle - France / The Cinematic Orchestra In Motion part 1

For what I remember, I do not publish any movie posters redesign and personal projects that are often highlighted on design blogs... But these posters done for "Back to the future" movies is just stunning... And of course, I love these movies...


by Phantom City Creative / via

Cory Say

graphic / august 3td (2012) / 4.33 PM / from St Maurice de Cazevielle - France / The Cinematic Orchestra In Motion part 1

Great typographic work...

Kyle Poff

graphic / july 27th (2012) / 11.14 AM / from Pointpoint, near Paris - France / Puss in boots soundtrack

Chad Hagen

graphic / june 19th / 11:41 AM / Florensac - France / Glen Hansard

Nico Dalia / Nemo Studio

graphic / april 26th / 11:41 PM / From Phra Nan Inn hotel on Ao Nang beach (Thaïland)


We leave Bangkok to arrive at Phra Nan Inn hotel for which I design the logo last year. I have done several things from the past days, with thousand of pictures I want to share, but some clients are waitting after me !

And I am pleased to present you the Nicolas Dali work. The Bangkok trip would not have been the same without him, he avoid us all the tourisits traps, and bring us to amazing places, with Landry Dunand (as I tell in this post). The French Thai Cultural festival was done with Landry, and it is even him on the eiffel tower ;)


Nico and Landry get a nice article in the Thailand edition of Computer Arts magazine, with a nice behind the scene pictures...


Nico also design this very nice book while he lived in New Zeland... He is not only a very nice guy, but he visit so much places... Some years in Thailand, some in Malaysia, visting Tokyo, Madgascar... So much things to share... More in a coming post ;)


Thanks guys ! Nicolas Dali site is, Landry photography blog is

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