Project of the day / sept 20th / Wood wedding invitation by Chase Kettl
print / september 20th (2012) / 11.36 AM / from Ubud - Bali

I will soon need a "wood" topic here.. ;)
In Caffeine We Trust by Column Five Media
print / July 13th (2012) / 14:18 PM / from Grabels - France / Sting Live 2008 12 03 Melbourne

This "Infographic Print For Tracking Your Coffee Consumption Data" is a self promotion poster done by C5... Read full info at Column Five Media blog.

You could also get a copy here
print / june 28th (2012) / 10:38 PM / from Grabels - France

Great concept, great font, great printing process... very inspiring ! The kind of nice surprise I like to discover when I check email submissions... The magazine and editorial design made me think of the ray gun magazines...

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