5 Graphic languages found on behance...

identity / september 27th / 10:11 AM / Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes soundtrack

Selected for how a set of elements can define a graphic language...


identity / september 23th / 8:48 PM / Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes soundtrack

This is the prfect exemple of a new kind of communication... I just saw the large wood nuts image on ffffound... I follow it to a flickr group and saw the other images of the build identity... and finally heard about the Build conference...

How can you sell to a client that kind if things ? How can you told them "We will do an object that has no use at all, it is just nice, people will like it and so on talk about"... Now I want to go to Ireland next november (but I am already so please to go to Brisbane ;)

flickr group | Build conference

Louis Beaudoin

identity / september 21th / 4:11 PM / John Grant - Queen of Denmark

Great ideas where the logo is not a logo but a concept...


Stone Canoe by Jonathan Mutch

identity / september 21th / 11:39 AM / John Grant - Queen of Denmark


Ned Wright

identity / september 20th / 00:00 AM



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