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König Bansah by Julian Zimmermann

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This is an identity project for ... a king ;) I imagine how it would be design identity for french kings of the 18th century with today possibilities ;)


Julian explain the background of this corporate design for the african king »König Bansah«.

King Bansah is an african King. He lives  and works in Ludwigshafen/Germany as a car-mechanic and governs his people from there. King Bansah does a lot of activites and performances to collect money for his aid projects. He is a singer, a guest in TV-shows and events. But he is a real King with a serious background.

The new corporate design should underline the authenticity and lordliness of the king because they are essential for him and make his activities possible. A combination of royal and exotic impressions. One example of his engagement is his own royal beer AKOSOMBO. The benefit of the beer is passed on to the aid projects of the King in Ghana.


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