Hampus Jageland

identity/ april 21th / 11:38 PM


A black and white (and a little bit of red) post

identity + packaging + print + music-CD / april 20th / 11:08 PM


I want to do a different post tonight... so I focus on black and white images/photos/projects...

Firstly, the logo designed by Folky Paul :

The Hans Bennewitz Stationery, bring to me by Design work life :
Always loved this card, as well as other printed stuff by Cranky Pressman :
Great presentation idea here :
This is nice too :
Latest Superfurry projects are as great as always :
Yasly / the work of Danny Jones

identity / april 13th / 10:58 PM

I was already impressed by the grain & gram web site project, and I am please to present some other Danny Jones projects, mixing nice design & print effects...



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