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Yeaterday, a very passionate guy brings some snakes in my daughter homeschooling group... amazing to see my little girl playing with (small) python around her nake, even kissing them ! So, when I discover J Fletcher Fenwick project today, it was totally appropriate ;) I already present Jay work here, but here comes his latest projects...

Gold lunch box . the work of Karl Hébert

identity / october 2nd (2012) / 10.08 AM / from Kafé - Ubud - Bali / Muse The 2nd Law


As a lot of people (I guess) I am listening to the new Muse album... and I fell good ;) Writting you from the nice Kafé / Ubud / Bali listening to Muse, a lot of people would be in my place... Ok maybe of the roasters stop shooting all day long, it would be even better... you do not know what it is if you did not live for some time in Bali...

Today, the great work of Karl Hébert...

www.goldlunchbox.com via circumpunktdesign.tumblr.com
Hovard Design

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www.behance.net/hovarddesign / www.hovarddesign.com


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