Fistfull of Mercy

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The latest Ben Harper album is good, not as the previous one with Relentless 7, but it worth it... Some very nice moment and the live show should be amazing this summer ;) Between these 2 album, Ben Harper did an album as "Fistfull of Mercy"... If you miss this project, this video would gave you a good taste...


FOM from BENJI BARNES on Vimeo.


September industry

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I already talk about September Industry blog here, but I want to do another post, as there are so much great project presented there... In fact, 90% of images presented there could be here too, as the level of quality is so high... So, here come a short selection :


2 - TAQ – Light Drawings / Grandpeople

Elegant press

music-CD / april 26th / 1:36 PM / Cinematic orchestra Ma fleur


Unusual to see a CD sleeve in letterpress, specially with sewing...
A black and white (and a little bit of red) post

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I want to do a different post tonight... so I focus on black and white images/photos/projects...

Even I am not totally seduced by her music, the design of the album sleeve and singles on Lykke Li cartch my eye :
Color vinyl collection of Brain Stowell
music / february 4th / 22:37 PM / Watching Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

In this time of digital download, I want to do a post about vinyl records ;) I grow up with vinyl record, remember when I buy single 7" and LP... the sleeve and design took another dimension than a small icon on itunes ;)

And I always get fascinated by color vinyl... not picture disc, as they are most of the times for hard rock bands, and these design as the music are not my cup of tea... But color vinyl are more "artistic"... In fact a vinly can be clear, and color can be added during the production... So, if you put red, you get a red disc... and if you put white and red, they mix together... so on, most issued are different from one to another (correct me if I am wrong, I look for more info on the intrent with no chance)... They can even be eatched...

Today I found this flickr with the amazing collection of brianstowell . Here come a little selection :


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