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Fresh Thrills

packaging / march 21th / 23:10 PM /Elbow

Glasfurd & Walker

packaging / march 11th / 2:58 PM / Nick Drake

Campoy Principi Domenech

Stranger & Stranger

packaging / january 31th / 9:00 PM / Fistfull of Mercy



Laurie Millotte Cargo / Red Nose studio (blog)

Blasted Church by Laurie Millotte & Chris Sickels

packaging / january 10th / 7:13 PM / Fistfull of Mercy

I've already presented Laurie's work, under brandever's portfolio, the design studio where she works... I've also worked with her on the backyard packaging... She collaborated with Chris Sickels of Red Nose studio on this amazing wine design...


Laurie Millotte Cargo / Red Nose studio (blog)

Nocturnalis / Durinalis by Marcel Buerkle

packaging / december 7th / 9:13 PM


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