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Jully 31th - exellence : Ether Elegia
Jully 31th - honey eat your salad
Jully 28th - exellence : Emmanuel Polanco
Jully 28th - exellence : Christel llop
Jully 27th - forst design
Forst is Australia based agency who did amazing corporate and editorial design... And this is the sentence of the day/month... year?

Jully 25th - exellence : eduardo recife
Jully 24th - exellence : si scott
jully 24th . Sarah Howell
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jully 24th . new splash page
Jully 21th . cornwell projects
jully 20th . Géraldine Georges
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Jully 15th - exellence : chromasia
I just discover the amazing photographies presented on chromasia... there is thousand on his blog, I put a selection of my favorits in an exellence page.
jully 14th - onion design
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jully 14th - barabbas
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Jully 11th - exellence : Sonner Vallee et partners
Carolin Sonner & Patrick Vallee are simply the graphic designer that influence me the most... I did their exellence page with picture of the items they send me some years ago...
June 23th - exellence : arnaud mercier
I put Arnaud Mercier in the exellence section. After running Elixierstudio, working in Canada for Blastradius, he is now one of the founer of AREA17...
June 22th - Calligraphy work by christel llop
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June 22th - exellence : nannette wallace
I put Nannette Wallace in the exellence section, her work deserves it...
June 21th - Reno Orange
My friend Reno send me some more images, I update his exellence page.
June 21th - eider
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June 21th - Sting - the soul cages - promotional cd

This is a special edition of Sting's 1991 album The soul cages. The design is amazing, and it was only issued as a promotional item send to radio.

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June 20th - atelifrankfurt + lost and found


June 20th - Gmund book
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june 19th - pascal trembley + kerry ropper

Thanks to all the people who writes to say they like the project...

2 new graphic designer in the "excellence" part :
Pascal Trembley

Kerry Ropper
june 14th - welcome

I think of this project for a long time... now it is online and I hope you will like it.

The first splash page is an old image that I have done with my friend Reno Orange. Reno and Fred are the first people I have include in the "exellence" part, a lot of other designers will follow.


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