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August 29th- exellence : Counterparts
I remember to have been amazed by this work, called "counterparts"... I keep the images on my computer... but it is not online anymore and I do not find who did it... If you know , contact me

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August 28th- exellence : Dustin Arnold
Amazing, simply amazing... i did a selection of my favourit, but all his work is amazing.... did I say it is amazing?

Check Dustin Arnold exellence page
August 21th- typography 19 - the annual of the type directors club
August 16th- new version of Imaginary moments now online
I work so much on this one, I finaly update my graphic design portfolio, and did a new "blog" home... photography portfolio will follow.

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August 10th- exellence : James Jean
August 10th- Kenichi Hoshine
August 8th- exellence : atelier Beinert

August 8th- Bau DA photo-graphy
august 7th - a lot of updates...


A lot of new works today in 03 identity | 04 music | 05 web | 06 photo | 07 illustration with works by basbrand, JP33, Uniform, Pietari Posti, Ryan Graber & Cole Rise.
august 5th - asterikstudio


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august 5th -dose-productions
check 04CD
august 4th - peter jaworowski
check 01GRAPHIC
august 4th - Peter Reid
check 01GRAPHIC | 05 web
august 4th - simonjamesdesign
Amazing objects check 09 design+archi
August 3 - illustration day !
Today is illustration day! With works by Christian Montenegro & Antti Jädertpolm... (special thanks to Mario Belem for his help)
August 2nd - amazing nike video
August 2nd - self promotion !
August 2nd- telmolindo
August 2nd- thanks
August 1st - exellence : ISO50

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