ibride... again
posted in design section on march 27th
Some new items, and discover the new web site...

Checkk all images in design section | www.ibride.fr

font work by Reno Orange
posted in on march 27th
I found this image send by my friend Reno Orange a while ago... he his so good...
new poster done for mediafix with Fabien Pouzerat painting
posted in personal section on march 26th
mediafix provide me this new poster design. As I did last year on the Manouchain project, I have done this poster with illustration made by Fabien Pouzerat. I let you compare with the original painting. Also, I have to said it is too pink in my opinion but it was a request of the client.
Jeff Canham
poster in the other section on march 26th
Jeff Canham is art director and sign painter... I guess few of you can do a nice font by hand... The best way to see how he works is this movie.

See all selected images in the other section | www.jeffcanham.com

Ditte Isager
posted in interior & photo sections on march 18th
What an eye... when you seen these images, you want to be in these place, to have this light, to have the same things in your home... they make you feel hungry, you can feel the wind... sad the site has so little resolution images... but represent web site has bigger ones...
check interior & photo sections for complete selection of images
www.ditteisager.com but check edgereps.com for better images
posted in on march 17th

When I start graphic exchange in 2006, it was to show what inspires me as graphic designer... I always like interior design magazine but never figure out I can put them on this blog... Now I am running HI, everything is mixed together, graphic, design, interior decoration...

So, I remove illustration & motion sections, that I do not update often, to replace them by interior/food section & design/objects. Also, packaging have now is own section.

I also include in the blogrol, 3 blogs I visit daily : evasion, ffffound & style-files

And last, but not least, I will now put personal news only on GE instead of spreading informations... And, for all that ask for RSS feed, no, there is not RSS, because I prefer to do this website oldschool, and do not find a faster/easier way to do this web site.

Unusual, but tonight only explanations, no images...

Mike Lemanski
posted in graphic section on march 16th

See all selected images in graphic section |www.mikelemanski.co.uk

Welcome to cloud
Posted in the music section on march 14th
Lula magazine
added to the print section on march 13th
I love the font work...
Harmonie intérieure catalogs
added on march 12th
I will by now, put all the news about my work on this site instead of imoments. So, here comes the 6 fronts covers I design for the 6 catalogs of Harmonie intérieure collections.
I also did these labels for the packaging...
Janne Petters interior & objects images
added to interior & photo sections on march 11th
see full selection of images in the interior & photo sections | www.jannepeters.de
Four IV graphics
added to print section on march 6th
Muggie Ramadani
added to exellence section on february 27th

Muggie Ramadani do logo and corporate projects... but what impress me the most is the way he shoot them... they look even better than they seem to be... This pictures are truly amazing...

See all selected images in the exellence page
www.muggieramadani.com | www.behance.net/muggieramadani


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