Mika 78th . Lovely wedding stationery
posted in print section on may 31th

Everything is in the name : Lovely wedding stationery... amazing details....

full images selection in print section | mika78.com | the blog

Norwegian Opera and Ballett identity by Kristian Tennebø
posted in identity section on may 30th



posted in graphic section on may 30th
Bison is the work of Linsey Levendall and Daniel Orme who form a creative studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lenny Kravitz
posted on may 29th

Last night I went to see Lenny Kravitz for his Let love rule 2009 tour... Last time I saw him was in 1991 when I was a teenager... Even if I am not crazy of the 2000's albums, and go as I was invited, have to say it was an amazing show and it worth to saw him live...

photo by Eric Canto
posted in interior section on may 29th
The blog of Lori is another great source of inspiration for your home... here comes a selection of images found there to show you the spirit of images she likes...

see full images selection on interior section | http://lorilangille.blogspot.com/

Art with sound box set
posted in music section on may 28th
design by silnt | buy it here www.dualcitysessions.com/awsboxset/
NOnce upon a time new sticker
posted on personal section on may 27th

The "Once upon a time" sticker is now on sell and is the perfect complement of the "Ornements" limited edition sticker...

Also, I do not use IE for years, and do not figure out the shop does not work properly on it... it is now corrected...
Creative inc.
posted in identity & print section on may 27th


check identity & print for full selection of images | www.creativeinc.ie

Felix von der Weppen
posted into print section on march 26th




Think about it...
posted on march 26th
"Designing is basically the practice of combining stuff; ideally in ways that haven’t been seen before. So, the more stuff you know (about everything), the greater chance you’ll find a relevant and distinctive, and therefore effective (and original) combination."
The deco detective blog
posted in interior section on march 26th
On saturday night, I spend some hours to jump from decoration blog to another... I was looking for some new inspiration for the Harmonie project, and I have found so many nice and inspiring images...

I was really happy to found Trudi's blog (most decoration blog are by women, by the way)... She did a nice post about HI, and here come some images found on her blog to show you the spirit of it instead of just telling "visit it" ;)
2 interviews...
posted on personal section on may 25th
I get contact for some interview lately... it is always nice to play the game, as sometime it highlights you some things you have inside you but do not figure out ;) So if you want to know more about me, check the graphic design school blog.


I also get interviewed for this russian design magazine you can download in pdf... As I guess you few of you speak Russian, check the personal section to read the interview in english.

Candice Leick
Posted in packaging section on may 23th

After Allison Newhouse who also work on Thymes project at Duffy & Partners, here come the work of Candice Leick, a former designer at Duffy as well... I love the Thymes branding and identity as it is always different and always the same, it is the best I have seen... She also design some other nice stuff as the Duffy 2008 wine bootle...

www.candiceleick.com | www.duffy.com

Studio on fire... again
added to exellence section on may 18th

If you are an everyday reader of this blog, you know Studio on fire... and seeing the often update of their blog, they deserves another selection of images and so on a second exellence page... Who else can present so nice project and so much passion into the printeg process...


www.studioonfire.com | beastpieces blog

Exellence page 2 for full images selection | Exellence page 1 for more images
New Ornements limited edition sticker
posted on personal section on may 14th

This Ornements sticker is now on sell and for a limited time only ;) Choose the size, the color and use it to decorate your wall, furnitures, fridge, everything ;)

Be creative !

Un air de voyage - travel book
posted on personal section on may 14th

Un air de voyage is the shop of a friend of me... he travels the world, brings back with him objects and furnitures, and sold them in his shops... he do it with a very nice respect of people he met.

We are currently working on the web site, and for it, I design a travel book based on the picture he takes during his travels... I also ask him some objets like coins, bills, tickets, etc... the result is this 32 page book that we would print soon.

See all the pages on my flickr set
100 layer cakes
added to other section on may 13th

Wedding are always a very special day... a day when everybody can be creative, where imaginary take a big part... I get married 8 years ago, and at this time, I would have love to have web sites like 100 layer cakes...

What I speically like about this one is the design, of course, the logo is very nice, but also how inspiring are the multiple image they do... I specially like the color moodbaords...

Omelle communication tools by Nicole Lafave
posted in the print section on may 12th

I hesitate to post this in the identity section, but what is very interesting in this identity is the print effects that are so complementary of the design... Also, Nicole send this picture under my request, so I am really honored to be the first to feature them...

Check the print section for full selection

by nicolelafave.com for her omelle.com project

Robinsson Cravents
posted in identity section on may 11th



L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign GmbH
added to exellence section on may 8th
Always a pleasure to found so much inspiring and amazing work by the same agency... I am sepcially blown away by their amazing signage and exhibition graphics...
Check L2M3 exellence page for full selection


posted in graphic & music-CD sections on may 7th


check graphic & music-CD for full selection | www.flickr.com/photos/mulano/

Galina Kurlat
posted in photo section on may 6th
I have the pleasure to work with Galina on her identity and web site, and I am please to present some of here new work...
Louise Fili
posted in identity, packaging & print sections on may 5th



check identity, packaging & print sections for full selection |


Creative machine... alternative
posted on personal section on may 3nd

I rework the image with a texture, and old paper, like this has been made by hand... tell me which one you prefer on flickr and I will do a limited edition of 100 posters...

Soon on sell with the other graphic tought posters
Creative machine...
posted on personal section on may 3nd

Have this in mind for a long time... will do posters soon to complete the graphic tought posters serie...

Blank Canvas project
posted on personal section on may 2nd

Blank Canvas is an event organised by the students on the BA (hons) Design for Moving Image Design and Graphic Design courses at Ravensbourne College to raise funds for our graduation show.

Rather than the usual cake sale or student union party, we decided to do something a little bit more exciting this year. We will be sending our favourite designers and illustrators packages containing random items (which could be anything from an old teapot, to a skateboard, to a vintage suitcase). They will then be asked to customise these items in any way they see fit. These masterpieces will then be collected and put in a silent auction on the 30th of April at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane.

Here comes the Antique Photograph I get and customize... I glued old papers on the back of it...

The original picture
Shinichi Maruyama - When ink and water mix into beautiful pictures
posted into other section on may 1st

As Jeremie, this work/art simply blow me away... Kusho. means "writting in the sky" in japanese, the name Shinichi Maruyama gives to these pictures... He send water and ink in the sky and shoot the moment they come together... amazing...

see all selected images in other section | www.shinichimaruyama.com


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