Filthy media

identity / august 19th / 9:36 AM / Sting - Nothing like the sun
Poster Process - The Black Keys - by DKNG

graphic / august 18th / 10:16 PM


Very interesting to see a different way to work... now I think I do not really know how to use illustrator !

Poster Process - The Black Keys from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.


MY own buisness cards 2011

perso / august 18th / 11.25 AM/ Sting Acoustic live in Newcastle


I have been asked to present my different business cards for a future book, so I took pictures of the 2011 ones... I have already presented them, but these are better shots and show you the different colors... This time I did a "split fountain" print, which means 2 or 3 inks are applied and mixed together while it prints... so most of the cards are different from each other...
MoreYellow new web site
web / august 17th / 10:54 PM


When I was in California, it had very nice time with my friend Jordan Mauriello. We speak about creativity, web design and communication, of course... I had the opportunity to saw his new web site before it get online, and was amazed but the design of it... mixing old circus & Tim Burton world...

It is now online and here comes some screen shoot... (like this I update the web design section, which is rare, I know ;)


Added of the great design, the web site included a nice blog with very interesting behind the scene posts as the one about the web site design...


J Fletcher design

identity + graphic / august 17th / 10:09 AM / Fink - Perfect darkness


Thanks to DWL, I am very please to discover the new projects of Jay Fletcher this morning...


I already published some Jay's works in the graphic section, but I repost them to have "everything in the right place" (you want to listen to Radiohead song now, don't you ??? I do...)
Quick links...

print / august 16th / 11:14 PM


Some links and infos, as my list of "things to post" is too long now, I can not do individual posts for everything...

While I was in Amherst for the Sansori project, I met the great and inspiring Nick Jankel. It is impossible to explain in a short post how energic and postive is this man... Check is several creative project : weCreate or The ultimate trip... and specially the post "Are You In Tune with Your Boon? "... I also met Morea Steinhauer, a very talented photographer with a so communicative laugh ;)

I really like the concept and creativity of the fun theory
Another amazing project by Kelli Anderson : the collaborative home /
Unusual potery by Deirdre Hawthorne
For the french visitors who like to read : C'est qui les créas ?
Amazing portraits by Maurizio Galimberti
Creative wedding photographies by Sugar and Fluff

I also want to thank all these blogs for their post about my work : Area Visual, Kool and kreative, Allan Peters, Vintage me oh my, and I am very please someone choose GE on this video.

2 b&w Annual reports

print / august 16th / 12:41 PM / American beauty soundtrack


Strange feeling to be back home... so much to do that I do really have the time to think about it... So, back to a more usual day to day post of graphic selections...

Designing an annual reports is always special, creating a layout with only numbers and text, graphs et statistics... I really like these 2 projects found on behance :

1st is Celtic Explorations Annual Report 2009/2010 by Foundry communications



The 2nd is Division of Industrial Design by the always talented and minimalist SILNT

Last days in USA: Boston

perso / august 14th / 00.07 AM Boston time / Posted from Chandler Inn hotel - Boston


Last days in USA, next post will be done from home...

We are now in Boston... We are having nice moments here, amazing city, so different from what we saw yet... I wanted to visit The goosefish press, but finaly can't... By the way, thanks alot to all the poeple who gave good advices and ideas, it was really helpfull... will thank you personaly when I have time (maybe preparing the emails during the 7 hours flight to came back home...).

And if you are gluten free, this the BIG advice : I went to the Hard rock Cafe of Boston (do not know for the other towns), I want to take a look to their collection, and when I ask if they have any gluten free meal, I was more than happy to know they can do gluten free burgers with special bread they prepare... that with nice GF fries... wow ! This was great to eat goooood junk food ;)



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