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Project of the day / sept 19th / FOUND by Jason Johnson

graphic / september 19th (2012) / 11.58 AM / from Ubud Starbucks in Bali


I always want to improve the content of this blog, and I really like the "Best thing I saw today" of Eight hour day that they sadly stop doing, or the project by project post of Design work life... I do not always have the time for long post with a lot of images, so I figure out small "Project of the day" could be an idea... not sure there will be everyday, but let's go with it...

Today, the FOUND project by Jason Johnson

I am Always Hungry new projects

graphic / september 17th (2012) / 11.51 PM / from Bali

I present "IAHH" work often, and these new projects are as always, very inspiring...

Brassens - Un petit coin de Paradis

graphic / august 23th (2012) / 10.35 AM / from Mas Barjac - Monteils - France / Portishead

I am pleased to present this illustrative book "Brassens - Un petit coin de Paradis". If almost all french readers know who Georges Brassens is, I guess it is not the same for other countries readers... so if you are curious, read the wikipedia page about this french singer and poet....

The young Editions Margot present their first book, visual interpretation of Brassens songs... Here come a small video which is a prefect presentation of spirit of the book.

And here come some picture of the book itself. / on facebook / Get the book in Fnac stores

Teagan White

graphic / august 22th (2012) / 10.35 AM / from Mas Barjac - Monteils - France / Alanis Morissette

I figure out a lot of latest post miss color ! Check by yourself and you will see a of black, grey and white... and today, I want color, so I present Mrs White work... I love the consistency of all her work, very inspiring... / via behance / blog

Boglárka Nádi

graphic / august 20th (2012) / 10.35 PM / from St Maurice de Cazevielle - France /Daft Punk /

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