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October 30th - Excellence : Stichpunkt
Another "master printer" from Germany... Check their exellence page to see more images...


October 30th : Jonathan Yuen
check web . Graphic & Print
October 24th - In the habit

Very nice identity projects by Tiziana Haug, check Identity

She also did this amazing poster against Domestic violence.
October 19th - Herbert Baglione

The work of this guy is amazing, mix up of art and illustration... I put some of his work in Illustration, and his amazing collage book in other

October 18th - Excellence : Purpura design

Check Purpura design exellence page >>

October 14th
Untitled nice corporate print projects

Brand projects by Base on branding >>

Web projects by Duskyward >>
as well as very nice illustrations by Duskyward >>
Check 10 other >>
October 13th - Graphic Syndicate
Graphic Syndicate is an artist managment agency... found several nice projects there. Check 01 graphic | 02 print | 03 identity
October 12th - Excellence : L'illustre Fabrique

L'illustre fabrique is the work of Arnaud Kermarrec & Fabrice Pellé, from Brest... They have an amazing sense of colors, fonts and the prefect mix of photgraphy & illustration... and they are very kind as we did a "graphic exchange"...

Check L'Illustre fabrique exellence page >>

October 12th - new splash page by Fred Dauzat
He is not only a good graphic designer, he is also a exellent musician... check his myspace page >>
October 12th
Check this http://www.abnormalbehaviorchild.com/ to see a nice conceptual video and images...
October 11th . Louis Beaudoin - Identity for publishing house Ouvre
Sorry for lack of update, busy i am... and like Yoda, I talk... Check this nice identity work >>
September 20th
Check 01 graphic >>

Check 06 photo >>
Check 09 design >>
Check 10 other >>
September 19th- archives

I continu to look for in my old images archives... all these are from 1997/1998... almost 10 years ago!

Check 01 graphic >>

September 18th- Excellence : Hammerpress

I love the letterpress printing... and hammerpress is passionated by the process... so they propose printed items to buy, but also design wedding cards or communication items...

Check Hammerpress exellence page >>

September 12th- Excellence : Jennifer Sterling

I have visted her web site thousand times... and one day, it disepeared... She was going to release a book of her agency project, but everything was cancelled! Why? Hopefully , I keep images in my archive and they now can be back on the web...

Check Jennifer Sterling Exellence page >>

I also change the "excellence" page with bigger images >>
September 6th- polaroids
I love the color kit project as the "non facturé" book...
Check the 06 photo >>
September 6th- The Science of Sleep
The new movie by Michel Gondry is very nice, very poetic... it makes you want to create things...
Check the trailer >>
September 5th- old archives
I always keep images that I like... the problem with web sites is that they are vertical file... So, I have found a lot of images, projects that are not online anymore, but are really well done...
Check the firsts ones in 01 graphic | 03 identity | 04 music
August 31th- exellence : Sven Kills
The portfolio of Sven Kils is simply one of the best I seen, in use of colours, photography and font is almost perfect... Check Sven Kills exellence page...
August 31th- some news...
There is a interesting interview of Si Scott on http://typeforyou.blogspot.com/, added of a video to see how he works...
You should also read this : http://www.miltonglaser.com/pages/milton/essays/es3.html
Some new works in 01 graphic | 05 web | 06 photo
August 30th- some news...
Identity projects by hyperaky check 03 Identity >>
I like the web site of hardworkz check 05 web >>
Some nice printed bags and stuffs at resist today check 09 design >>

See august 2006 archives >>



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