Merry christmas
I get this image send by Mario Belem as a christmas card from I like it, so here it comes, and I wish you all a wonderfull christmas time with family...

Dedicate magazine & Benjamin Savignac
Posted on dec. 18th 2006 an exellence page about the amazing Dedicate magazine
See all the images on the dedicate magazine exellence page
Force Twelve
Posted on dec. 13th 2006 in the PRINT section
Photo special
Posted on dec. 9th 2006 . I have added a lot of picture in the photo section... check photo section to see them.
Arnaud Mercier
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found on a blog but lose the link...
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Broken heart beats
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Varied images that I like...
Posted on december 7th in GRAPHIC section
Gmund inspiration book
posted on dec 06th in PRINT section
I buy this on gmund web site, it is amazing... it is design by Tollson design...
Emmanuel Polanco
upate his exellence page on dec 04th


Benjamin Lowy

posted an exellence page on nov 28th

This photogapher is one of the most amazing I have ever seen. The subject are really hard but he can take beauty from it... I choose only few images seeing all what he has done so far... and he is only 27 years old !

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