Halvors by Sandro Kvernmo
posted in identity section on april 28th
Houses with view
added on april 27th
I know you maybe expect something to inspire your monday morning work, here come what I propose to you instead...

found here http://phottle.com/blog/houses-with-view

Sensus Design Factory
added to print section on april 26th

see all the selected images in the print section | www.sensusdesignfactory.com

Limon art
added to graphic section on april 26th
I really like the work of Jason Limon, specialy the compositions and the colors...

see all selected images in the graphic section | www.limon-art.com

Meanest Indian
posted on april 23th
I want to travel, I want to travel, I want to travel...
Poster dezigner
posted in graphic section on april 22th
Poster dezigner on flickr
La coopérative de mai - march/april program
added on the personal work section on april 22th
This was done 2 months ago, but not have time to take pictures of it... I did a new program for the Coopérative de mai, the inde concert hall here in my home town... They also want a special silkscreen 100 copies limited edition poster... If you want to buy one, some left, write me...
So true...
posted on april 20th
via acejet170
Dreamers Ink Aesthetics
posted in graphic section on april 19th
posted in interior section on april 19th
it takes me hours to select these pictures as they have thousands projects... it inspires me on a decorative point of view, but also as picture of places...
cech all the selected pictues in the interior section | www.wonder-wall.com
Turner Duckworth : Less is more
posted in the packaging section on april 18th








Christine Rudolph
posted in interior section on april 17th

See all selected images in the interior section | www.judithmillerinc.com/Christine_Rudolph

Effektive - Greig Anderson
posted in print and identity sections on april 15th

See all selected imges on posted in print and identity sections | www.effektivedesign.co.uk

Evasion - Jérémie Werner
posted in graphic section on april 14th
Because his illustration work is stunning, because he is my friend now we talk everyday via skype, because is blog is a great source of inspiration I visit everyday...

www.evasion.cc | www.evasion.cc/blog

Links + links and some links
posted on april 14th
Hope you don't have a client meeting in an hour, if yes, do not start this...
font worl remind me too much editors, but love image work www.combustion.ws
a selection of font works : http://inspiredology.com/graphic-design/typography/
exellent project : thankyoutoo.org
another nice one : theflowmarket.com
Blue Note sleeves
Posted in music section on april 11th
Last night I was looking for inspiration to decorate a PUB here, the guy want Jazz and Soul imagery... And I found an amazing web site of a collector of Blue Note records... amazing... here comes a selection...
See them all in the music section | check jazz record section www.gokudo.co.jp
Itou Kouichi
posted in photo section on april 11th
Character design SF
posted in the indentity section on april 10tj
Editors live Clermont-Ferrand on april 5th
added on the personal work section on april 10th
As I work for the place where they play live, I can do pictures of the Editors concert... I really like their music, so it was a pleasure... See complete set of images on behance.
See complete set of images on behance.
Robertson by Jeremy Snowsill
added in the print section page on april 09th
added on april 09th
I discover Flickr late, just at the end of last year when Istart the harmonie page... since then, I simply became addicted, specially because there is thousand and thousand amazing images there... special letter press ones... here come some images, mosaic done with this simple tool.

Check the 1999 images I have in my favorist page and lose your afternoon...

1. Path to the End of the World, 2. Crocodile Meets Hyppo, 3. Concierto Editors en Barcelona, Espacio Movistar, 4. Editors, 5. Editors, 6. Untitled, 7. Weather Fenomenon, 8. tivoli, 9. mam, 10. lake view, 11. empty birdcage, 12. fly with me, 13. Nápoles - Italia december 2007, 14. siluetas y perfiles, 15. alignment night, 16. ?????????,????., 17. driving home, 18. Bouncy Friends With You, 19. R2D2, 20. bv3000_5, 21. magazine_note03, 22. typographic -JAZZ- play cards, 23. candle, 24. shop, 25. fini, 26. inked, 27. set and locked, 28. type, 29. wood type, 30. wood type, 31. wood type, 32. wood type, 33. wood type, 34. wood type, 35. Corporate & Brand Identity - Teedot, 36. SI SCOTT kommer til v!4 
Another Card by Eric Kass
added in his exellence page on april 08th
check his exellence page | photos by dailypoetics | www.funnel.tv |
Free tibet
added on april 07th
Article first : Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be based only on considerations of the common good.

Read the full declaration here
Harmonie intérieure catalogs printed version
added on the personal work section on april 07th
It is ready to be shipped...
all images on the Harmonie intérieure flickr page | download pdf version on www.harmonie-interieure.com
Engraved MacBook
posted in design . objects section on april 4th
In a world where we all go to the same shops, have access to the same brands and do use the same tools, we need customisation to express ourselves... now goes one these Mac too, and check compete gallery for some nice Moleskines too.
flickr.com/jundulate |www.engraveyourtech.com
Felix Ng - SILNT
posted in identity section on april 2nd
Muggie Ramadani
posted in exellence on april 2nd
I discover his work last month, and now he updates, I need to do add these images...

check all selected images in his exellence page | www.behance.net/muggieramadani

Gentl & Hyers
posted in the interior.food section on april 1st
Echo design lab
posted in music section on april 1st

See all selected images in the music section

www.echodesignlab.com | www.behance.net/seanms

publish in the graphic section on march 31th

See all the selected images in the graphic section | supersteady.org


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