I am on abduzeedo
posted in personal work section on november 27th
This great site publish an article about my work and you can download the "Designers meant" creation for your desktop or iphone ;)

article : abduzeedo.com/inspiration-fabien-barral
Download : abduzeedo.com/wallpaper-week-32

Also, you still can buy a limited edition poster of this creation on the harmonie web site.

posted in graphic & identity sections on november 27th
Very nice works there...the best are movies, so check their site...
La coopérative de mai
posted in personal work section on november 27th
This are the sept/oct & nov/dec programs I design for the coopérative de mai. As for previous project, a silkscreen 100 copies limited edition poster was printed on heavy 370g paper...
Clay identity by south south west
Anatolie poster now on sell on Harmonie intérieure web site
posted in personal work section on november 22th
As a lot of people contact me about this specific poster, I do a limited edition print of 100 copies on 250g paper in 2 sizes.
Check the Harmonie intérieure shop
KXX splash page
posted on november 21th
I asked Krzysztof Domaradzki of kxx if he want to design a spalsh page and he send me this stunnign image with some lines to explain :

It's always like this... :) When I dig something I'm ready to leave everything behind and start working on it... :) Here is a splash proposal for ya! - It took me about 14 hours to finish it off and I hope you will like it...

I figured that since descovering graphic-exchange was a real knockout for me I am gonna go with boxing. The guy choped in the head is supposed to be me "POW!" :D and there's also the knockout graphics sign which says it all - I think... I wanted it to be a bit blurry and have a slight watercolor feel...

What to ad? THANKS ;)

Trine Thorsen
posted in interior section on november 20th
Red Dot award 2008
posted in print section on november 19th
Check the red dot web site to see more and to check designer of these projects...

see all selected images in print section / http://en.red-dot.org/2440.html

The Dieline selection
posted in packaging section on november 12th
As you probably know, the Dieline is THE blog about packaging... I often check it, and tonight I want to highlight favorit ones recently posted... click on image to designers details...
Don't play
posted in graphic section on november 10th
Stunning collaboration effort between Krzysztof Domaradzki / Kxx and Peter Jaworowski
The new Harmonie intérieure web site
posted in personal work section on november 06th
The new harmonie intérieure web site is online with a lot of new products... Now I can come back to a normal life ;)
Check the Harmonie intérieure shop
You did it !
posted on november 5th
Let's hope Obama can do all that people expect from him...
This is the best illustration i think, because without people behind him, one man can do nothing... imagine created by Tsevis

Check also Evasion blog for a selection of creation for Obama
There's nothing bad about advertising as long as it is good
Update the exellence page on november 2nd
I have made a new selection of great adverts found on I believe in adv and update the xellence advert page with it.

See thousand great adverts on this page


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