Harmonie intérieure reseller collection now on sell
posted in personal work section on septembre 23th
Some of the new products... We have set up a special web site for reseller, so if you want to sell our products, please contact us the get the codes...
Harmonie intérieure web site
posted in packaging, print & identity sections on september 22th
Bell canoes ads
added to adverts exellence page on september 19th
via ffffound
Some more...
added to identity section on september 19th
logopond is an amazing sources for logos...
Most of them found on bartodell logopond favorites page & vectortuts.com article
Hejz / arsthanea new works...
posted in graphic section on september 17th
more on www.arsthanea.com
Some logos...
posted in identity section on september 17th
a selection of dzineblog.com selection
Beard full of butterflies...
posted in graphic section on september 16th
another amazing image by studiokxx
Download large version on http://kitsunenoir.com / on behance / studiokxx.com
Stéphane Bucco
added to graphic section on september 15th
Emmanuel Polanco
update his exellence page on septembre 12th
Emmanuel update his portfolio...

check Emmanuel exellence page for all selected images | www.emmanuelpolanco.net/

Harmonie intérieure in country living by Payl Lowe
posted in personal work section on september 11th
Paul Lowe is interior stylist and he contact us for an article he preapared for Country living magazine... He simply use them in a so nice way, we are very please with these images...
Check Paul's blog
posted in print, identity & packaging sections on septembre 10th
Jacob Wildschiødtz NR2154
added to print section on september 2nd

see all selected images in the print section | www.nr2154.com

Art with sound by Felix Ng
added to print & identity section on septembre 2nd
www.behance.net/SILNT + www.silnt.com
Bola Sociology design
added to identity section on septembre 1st
It sucks !
posted on august 31th

Tomas Opasinski asks me to remove his work from this web site... It makes me very sad to not share it with you anymore but you can his work directly on his site ... www.tomasz-opasinski.com

You still can read his interview here >



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