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My friend Fred Dauzat who works with me at mediafix did this poster for the "Atelier" project... See the past years posters on his exellence page too.

I really like this poster done by


I really like this mini catalogue cover done for Realworld' Peter Gabriel world music label... Done by the famous

And, this is a poster recently done by Gerald G... more from this very talented designer soon...
Dustin Arnold
Another amazing project by Dustin Arnold, added to his exellence page on january 22th
posterd on january 11th : This is the kind of work I love, a mix of nice illustrations, nice effects, nice pictures, nice colors, nice fonts... So, it goes directly into exellence page...

See all images selected on exellence page and visit the site for more works

Si Scott
update is exellence page on january 11th
Arnaud Jarsaillon
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Julie Bayard
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Clara Collins
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Tom, Dick & Harry advertising
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Posted on january 4th 2007
I like when things are at their biginning... especially a year... you always imagine it perfect, you give all your hopes in it... It is my case this year as it will be different... I will be freelance, I do not remebmer how it feel to be freelance... last time it was in 2001...

Here comes my 2007 wish card...
The movement
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Happy new year & Bibliotheque ID projects
Posted on january 2nd 2007 on the Identity section

I wish you all a wonderfull new year, and a lot of nice graphic projects...

I think this sentence on one of "Bibliotheque" studio projects can be my line for this year... "How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul"...



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