Marie Claire Maison home pictures
added to exellence section on may 28th

Marie Claire Maison is a wonderfull french magazine about home interior... They have gorgeous pictures and show some of them on their web site... I read it for year, even the editorial design is wonderfull... but it would be for next time, for now here come the pictures... All the images are under the copyright of the photographers....

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2 movies posters
added on the exellence section on may 28th
Added to the selection I have done about movie poster last year.
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Identity Selection
added to the exellence section on may 26th

For the 2nd birthday of GE, I want to present the selection of my selections... As me, I guess when you visit GE you check the news and if there is nothing of interest, jump on another blog... but There is thousand images on this site, and even me, I forget them... Here comes the first one, a selection of identity images...

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added on the personal work section on may 23th
I love that kind of creative moment that fall into you... I am always planning stuff, "today I need to do this, tonight I will do that"... But this was done ithout expectation, just find images I have done in London in october 2006 and work on them to do this... unexpected imaginary moment.


I print them as mounted pictures, they will be nice on a wall... want to put them on the sell on Harmonie web site soon.

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South South West
posted in identity & print sections on may 21th

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posted in excellence section on may 19th

I have posted artless projects several times in differents section, but the new wow identity and specially pinted inside envelops bring them in the exellence section...

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Amnesty International Against
added on may 19th
Large version here | via
added to print, packaging and interior sections on may 17th
Pentagram covers pretty much everything , from architecture to graphics, buildings to websites, branding to signage, interiors, packaging, exhibitions, interfaces, furniture, products, brochures, magazines, and houses...since...the 70's !!!!! A little (little) selection of work...
Sleevage selection
posted in music section on may 16th
Sleevage is the best online ressource to know the story behind album sleeves... Each article is very well done, and even if you do not like the music, or even the sleeve itself, it is very interesting to see how it was made... Here comes my selection, but take alook at the site, if you have nothing urgent to do...
This is the best album I have heard for a while... and I really like the design too...
Did you ever see there is a logo hidden in this Peral jam sleeve ?
2 photographers found on flickr...
posted in photo section on may 11th
... blow me away tonight.... first is deyonette (?)
Second is Philip Lepage
Brad Surcey
posted in identity & packaging sections on may 07th listening to Portishead - 3 via
Armel's shaker wall stickers
added on the personal work section on may 06th
We have been contacting by a new place to decorate it... the wall stickers are based on all old Blue notes sleeves ; fonts works, it was very nice to do them and we are very happy with the result.

They are not for sell on the web site but if you want them, write me...
DHNN (design has no name)
added to graphic section on may 5th
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Murdock Young Architects
Posted in exellence section on may 1st

All these houses seems amazing to live in... so nice ideas, so good use of space, and so wonderfull materials...


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Graphic Thought Facility
posted in print, identity, packaging, interior sections on april 30th

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