Yulia Brodskaya paper work
posted in graphic section on december 23th

To this last post before christlas, the amazing paper work of Yulia Brodskaya... after, close cown the computer and enjoy time with your familly...

22 Year Tradition: Aspen Boutique's Fantastical Holiday Cards
posted in print section on december 22th

As Christmas will soon come to town, some holiday related posts this week... Yael Miller send me link to this article : Aspen Boutique has a long-standing tradition of mailing fanciful holiday cards to their customers.

Read full article and interview on Reuben Miller blog / Designed by www.gardnerdesign.com
posted in interior section on december 20th

all selected images in the interior section | www.theasylum.com.sg

Andreea Anghel
posted in photo section on december 18th
La coopérative de mai 2009 calendar
posted in personal work section on december 17th
I propose to "La coopérative de mai" to do a calendar, and we deceided to do it like a LP... It will be a sleeve with a paper disc inside... They are always open to fun projects... more pictures when printed...
September industry
posted in identity section on december 15th
Studio New Work
posted in print section on december 15th
Ned wright
posted in graphic, identity & packaging sections on december 9th
L'illustre fabrique
update their exellence page on december 8th
A.Kermarrec-Tortorici & F.Pellé just update their web site and I want to share with you these new projects...
check their exellence page for much more images | www.lillustrefabrique.net
Righteouskill movie posters
posted in graphic section on december 6th
I have found a lot of version of this poster and think it was a good idea to compare them all... First are the all city version... this is the choosen one :
These are the not chosen concepts which are betters I think :

These are all the versions done by art of cell... there are so much and so nice ones...



And finaly, the worlwide ones that are so simple and well, not as good as the other ones...

Cla-se projects
posted in identity & packaging section on december 5th
Reno Orange
update his exellence page on december 4th

I know when people visit a blog like this one, they only check latest news... so i want to highlight again the work of my friend Reno Orange as most of 2008 visitor of GE probably miss his work...

Reno is simply my favorit graphic designer... we met up at design school in 1996, then work together from 1998 to 2001 as "1 prise 2 têtes"...This is only few of his projects as art director for "Les Alchimistes".

He just send me this Vibration rock font work that I love...

check his exellence page for a lot more pictures
Videos on behance
posted in graphic section on december 2nd
After the cards yeasterday, 3 Stunning videos found on behance :





Leika by Christopher Hewitt
posted in print section on december 1st
Found on Behance... first designed by Pablo Alfieri.
These are by Tim Jarvis
Alexandre Efimov
posted in graphic sections on november 28th


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