Put in exellence section of february 26th
Turnstyle is an US agency who present very nice corporate projects...
See the turnstyle exellence page for full selection of project or http://turnstylestudio.com/
Blu CD sleeve by fatoe
Posted in CD section on february 23th

Buro North
posted in graphic section on february 20th

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Wash design ID projects
posted on february 14th in the identity section
http://www.wash-design.co.uk/ via http://www.evasion.cc/blog/
Made in Montreal
poster on february 13th in the web section
I love the pictures of the city on this web site... and the navigation idea is brillant... if only all the cities have that kind of web site...
sell all the images on the web section
Some personal promotion
posted on february 9nd
Some of the latest projects I have done... first is a poster (and postcard) I just ended done at www.mediafix.net...



This is a brochure...


This is the web site http://www.parcmaupassant.com also done at www.mediafix.net


This is a poster for a music festival, but I was not choose... so it is for sell ;) I build a machine for it, check http://www.imoments.org blog for all details


And, these are picture I took in London last october...
Find much more on http://www.imoments.org
Varied things
posted on february 9nd in graphic section
Have this one in my computer for a while, do not know who did it... i guess it is the same designer are both images werre in the same folder !

Wish card by http://www.mahd-in.com/


next image by http://www.residue.ca


And, I really like the graphic design of this web site http://www.betaclan.net/
Envy and The reel by why not associates
posted on february 9nd in identity section
reddot design award
posted on february 3nd in identity and print sections
What I like on reddot design award web site is that it brings you project you can not see on other design web sites... here comes my selection of 2006 projects...

Nemo shop by Beautiful minds
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Red dot award print projects
Posted in print section . check print section for all images, only selection show on this home page...





check print section for all images, only selection show on this home page...


Danny Yount video direction
posted in motion section of february 1st
You probably know his work...at last six feet under main title, which is for me simply the best video ever... Danny work with digital kitchen, and is now creative director with Kyle Cooper at Prologue films...
http://www.sixteentwenty.tv/ is personal portfolio
http://www.prologuefilms.com/ reload the page and it will be a different video each time...
Check motion section to see "Six feet under main title" and "Anni Laibovitz" videos.



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