June 2008


posted in personal section on june 25th
I have been interveiwed by Antoine Schutz for his very nice blog "Journal graphic"... Sorry, it is only in french... thanks again Antoine...
Read the interview | Journal graphic blog
Limited edition number posters now on sell
added on personal work section on june 23th

I am really please to put on sell limited edition posters. They are available in 2 sizes, and are printed on 190g paper. They are printed at 100 copies only and are numbered. Check Harmonie web site >>

Get your on www.harmonie-interieure.com
added on june 21th
Sometimes... I would want to be a child and have no other aim in my day to play with this....
Not sure my parents would have buy it to me anyway, seeing the price here.
Galina Kurlat web site
added on the personal work section on june 20th
There is nice moments in the design process... for print it is when it arrives from the printer... for a web site it is when it is online ;) I am really happy this one is finally online, the web site of Galina Kurlat, a so talented Russian photographer living in New York... I am now waitting for the buisness card from the printer ;)

See all the images in the personal work section

www.galinakurlat.com | more personal work on www.imoment.org

Jules Arthur

added to exellence section on june 18th


see all selected images in exellence section | www.julesarthur.com

Limited edition silkscreen poser for Coopérative de mai
added on the personal work section on june 17th
I design this poster last month for the coopérative de mai concert place. As I design the concerts program, they also want to do a silkscreened limited edition poster, just for fun !!! And fun it is ;) I did this, they loved it and it is printed on 350g paper...
posted on june 17th
On sunday night, I went to see Radiohead live in this amazing place... these guys are amazing, amazing !!!
Use your eye not the rules!
posted on june 16th
7 Laserdeck skateboard
posted in the design section on june 15th
SEVEN EXHIBITION is an exhibition allowing artists to explore the idea of lasering away at seven layers of ply that make a deck and add their own distinctive mark. A select group of artists globally have contributed their works to explore this new technology. Only 50 limited edition decks will be produced per artist.

If I like some of the design, I simply love the details pictures... The latest project is an amazing poster...
Flickr gallery & www.refillseven.com
added to print & packaging sections on june 13th

See all selected images in the print & packaging sections | www.marquecreative.com

added to the CD section on june 11th listening to the Colplay Viva la vida new album
You probably see this video as it is published everywhere, but it is very good and I love this scull image... perfect mix of illustrations and textures work...

www.vivacalaca.com by www.iikki.com

On the table
added to the design & identity sections on june 9th
Vaired web site
added to web section on june 7th listening to acoustic version of "And end has a start" by Editors
I really like when designer are not lazy... on www.chouteauslanding.com, every background is different, and flash is perfectly used...
These 2 sites, studioracket.org & www.thecontextualvillains.org, seems designed by the team, and I love the details...
Nice background on www.viget.com
Bart Jan Verhoef is passionate by web design, check his blog but also, his amazing flickr collection of inspiration web sites...
Piano Piano
posted in packaging section on june 5th

I get a lot of submission everyday (even if I said I don't want to ;) and I get a short email from Piano Piano telling me "your blog is great"... and as I am curious, I check who send it ;)

thanks to Jeremie
posted on june 3th

As you probably notice, GE was more and more slow... I have a brand new server thanks to Jeremie... visit his blog, it is what I do every day... www.evasion.cc/blog/



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