H57 self promotion posters

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Danny Goldberg design
added to identity & print sections on january 15th
2009 Wall Calendar by Valérydesignwrks
posted in print section on january 14th
nice calendar, nice print, nice illustrations, for a nice cause!!! Produced under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) international certification guidelines.
buy it on supermarket | more of Valery products here | and here web site www.valerydesignwrks.ca
Elsa's story
posted in packaging section on january 14th
This project could be in the identity section because what I like the most is the logo... As state the dieline where I found it, "The unusual logo incorporates a vintage 'family photo' in black and white, with 'Elsa' circled in red pen. The entire brand premise is tied to the story of Elsa, whose influence is woven into every product."...
more on the dieline article | designed by neogroup.co.il
Eric Canto web site
posted in personal work & photo section on january 11th
Eric Canto contact me to design his web site. He is photographer, he did the picture of Lunatic age I used on the design of their last album... He has done amazing live pictures of famous bands... It was a pleasure to work with him...
This was one the phase we goes on to find the right first page... We goes with the red texte one, but I was really happy with this one too...
www.canto-photographer.com, also check his new blog for updates and link to very insteresting stuffs...
Here comes a selection of his photos
Letterhead by Dailypoetics
posted in identity section on january 11th
picture above designed by www.gouthier.com

see them all in identity section | http://www.flickr.com/photos/dailypoetics/

posted in print & packaging sections on january 11th
Morton & sons by Moving brands
posted in identity section on january 8th
Harmonie intérieure - Sale and other infos
posted in personal work section on january 7th
As you know if you visit this site often, Haermonie intérieure is the home decoration workshop I open with my wife. After a year of activity, we deceided to stop selling stickers to public, and now we will focus on resellers, with the help of a new company.

So on, the shop is now open only to sell the graphic posters and present the stickers collections. And we are putting some stickers on sale as we have to clean up the workshop a little ;)

Visit the harmonie intérieure web site >>
La coopérative de mai - january & february 2009 program
posted in personal work section on january 6th
This is the front cover and the afterwork page designed for the new program of this concert place...
posted in identity, print & packaging sections on january 6th
posted in print section on january 5th
Felix Ng did this very nice limited edition calendar...
you can buy it here www.silnt.com/calender
2009... back in 2008
posted on january 1st
Here it comes again... a brand new year, full of hope... when you start a year like this, you think everything is possible, don't you? Probably the reason why they create it, the idea of year...

Anyway, a new year is also time to see what is behind...or more important, what you have done, lived, saw during a whole year that let you imagine this new one full of promises...

For me it would be a brand new start, with a lot of new project coming, and also a new way to work... will explain you later ;)

Here comes a selection of 2008 images... hard to do this selection, I published so much images and amazing works here... Sorry images are not linked to designers or studio, I know this is not cool, but it is too much work to do... so, let's visit the archives if you want to know more about a project...

Also, this year was for me the year of harmonie interieure... We deceided to stop it as it is right now, and are reworking the concept... will tell you soon... Also, doing this project brings me to a lot of interior design web site, and so on introduce this to this site... the selection of 2008 founds...
Also, thanks to all the people who write me to thanks for the site and the inspiration... you're welcome ;) So, let me say it :
Have a great creative 2009 year...


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