Co design
poster in print section on may 25th
Based in Hong Kong, Co design do amazing use of paper, shapes, emboss... they have nice identoty works, but i put everything in the print section...
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Werner design werks
posted on may 23th in identity - print - volume sections
Werner Design do very nice global identoty works... with this retro look... it is always different from usual codes, with nice use of fonts...
check identity - print - volume sections
new "volume" section
posted on may 23th
The dessign+archi section became "volume"... it will includes packaging and objects design selections...
Anatolie poster
posted on may 21th
The kind of project I love... This is for special animation done in the street, very poetic, very special things... based on the idea of un unreal world, un unreal earth... a kind of story for childs... I done 2 post cards for this project in 2004, and they came back to me this year over mediafix...

I do it in over a night... I have the idea of the central earth and the animals around, but have to find the elements... and I am really happy with it... I am now working on the post cards and flyer...

Sarah Moon
put an exellence page on may 18th

The work of Sarah Moon is simply amazing... she can give poetry to everything...

All the pictures are under the copyright of Sahara moon and are just shown here as an exhibition. If for any reason it is a problem to show these images, ask and I will remove them.
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put in photo section on may 16th
I really like these pictures as they are everyday life...
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VSA partners, INC.
put in exellence section on mai 14th
VSA partners is what we can call a BIG agency... big team, big clients... most of their works are annual reports... and most of the time, annual reports are graphics of numbers & copy... it is easy to do nice design when you have a lot of elements, high res good pictures... but with so fex, they do so much... in one word, Less is more...
Check their exellence page for all selected images
Ray Gun
poster in print section on may 11th
In 1997, I was learning design, and some of you does not even know what they would want to do with their life ;) And David Carson does the art direction of the Ray Gun magazine... I check on the web there is few imagines from this time, but I find these...

These are the front cover of the magazines...

See all the images I found in the print section

If you have these old magazine and can send me more picture, please email me.

Habitat MAISY
Posted on may 11th in the design section
Funnel - Eric Kass
put in exellence section on may 8th
Eric Kass was one of the firs one who accept to do a graphic-exchange, before this web site even exist... I have some of his very nice letterhead and buisness cards... He relauch his portfolio, with a less experimental navigation that let you focus on his ver nice projects...
Check his exellence page for all selected images
Sonner/Vallee & partener
Update their exellence page on may 4th

The work of sonner and vallee is probably the one that influence me the most... They jus update their web site with some new amazing projects, as ever. So I update their exellence page.

Check their exellence page for all selected images
may splash page by Emmanuel Polanco
Check Emmanuel Polanco exellence page
posted on april 29th

I buy the url to sum up all my projects on 1 page... Between 5 projects, I try to update my web site and portfolio... you can now contact me at ecrire(a)

Here comes my new logo.



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