Ginger Monkey - Tom Lane
Posted in graphic design section on july 29th

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Tomas Opasinski
added to the exellence section on july 27th
Can you believe this is a 1 person portfolio !!!
Really need to talk? Nice colors, amazing compositions... But what blow me away is the photoshop work that is shown in detail in the "evolution" page.

The legend project is really amazing, and Thomas give a "process" version of his work, which makes it even more amazing seeing first image and final one...


Due to some problems Tomas get with studio, He ask me to remove the images from this site, please check is site for images.

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Erik Jonsson
posted in graphic section on july 25th /
Interview with Marc Bessant
posted in CD section on july 23th
I never do interview for this blog. After I found Marc Bessant on behance, I thought it was the occasion to have answer I ask myself... He has done the new "3" Portishead album, as well as Peter Gabriel album as he his working for the realworld label... Read it in the CD section.
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posted in packaging section on july 22th via thedieline
Lunatic age
posted in personal work section on july 11th

I get it a while a ago, but as it is on sell in France next week, I want to present it now : the Lunatic age new album I design.


This is the promo issue... at this time, the final album sleeve was supposed to be a polaroid of a broken MC... I want the promo sleeve to be different and did one with pictures of the band... they finally prefer it to the polaroid image and the it becomes the final sleeve...
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Listen to the album here
Buy the digipack version on amazon & the itunes version.


Violence recording - Salvation
posted in CD section on july 10th
Alberto Seveso
posted in graphic section on july 9th
You probabaly already know the work of Albertoe Seveso as it has been pulbished on most graphic design blogs... But this new project touch me more because it really make sense as a portrait a Kelly Slater, the famous surfer... The big heart feat perfectly with the waves he has inside... sublime....

Some nice color work too : |
added on july 8th

Tonight I am gonna see REM in this amazing place ;)


All city media
posted in exellence section on july 8th
All city is a studio specialisez in movie posters... Dreamy... not sure... for each project, they present on their web site the final design and the popoals... I must be frustrating that the chosen posters are, most of the time, less interesting than the first comps... Here come a selection, I do not tell if it is final design or proposal ;)
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Good creative
posted in print, identity & packaging sections on july 6th
I like how the change the rules... identity is not simply a logo and an associated font, but a real set of graphic elements based on a concept...

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Studio Kxx
Posted in graphic & web sections on july 6th
Studio Kxx has update his portfolio... the work is stunning as it is complete... fonts, colors, web design, trash or corporate, illustration and drawing, art... Krzysztof Domaradzki seems to command everything... stunning... another update in you jump in the exellence section for sure...
Graphic found on Flickr
posted in graphic section on july 4th
I have to admit, I am a flickr addict... it is amazing how much nice and inspiring stuff you can found there, and only there... because being graphic designer does not mean you are web designer and know how to do your own web site...

Here come a selection of the most inspiring "graphic" images I found, all under copyright of their owner... click on them to be directed to the flickr gallery of the author...
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Bunch design
posted in identity, print & music sections on july 4th

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Harmonie intérieure sale
added in personal section on july 1st

From june 25th to august 5th 2008, we propose some of our photo(graphics) and stickers at special prices...

HURRY UP, most of them are only available once! Check Sale page >>


Also, earlier this year, we have been asked to design a jazz club... we get inspired by old jazz sleeves and did some exclusive stickers for this place... But we need to do tests on size, we exclusively sell them during sale.


NEF annual report
posted in print section on jully 01
I am in cooperative bank, which mean the invest only in ecological or sustenable development project... Each year, each people of the bank received the annual report, as everybody can have a look of the spends... All that to said that this year annual report is superb...
I think they now have to resdesign there web site
Leontine Greenberg
posted in other section on june 30th
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Win an ipod touch and Harmonie posters on evasion
posted on june 27th
My friend Jeremie at evasion ask me if I want to help him to set up this contest... so you can win 4 Harmonie posters... the contest is in french only, sorry... but it worth a google translation...


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