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Adam the Velcro Suit
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SP | STANDARD by voov
posted in music section on january 28th
My beautiful
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Cameron Moll letterpress posters
added to print section onf january 26th
Sadly they are out of stock, but amazing...
hope they will be reprinted
Flickr selection
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3 nice photographer (designers?) found on flickr. First is
see my flickr favorits for a thousand other images....
Lovely package
posted in the packaging section on january 23th
Lovely package is another (amazingà blog about packaging design. The main interest, added to the great selection) is that fact that, when possible, they stats which font is used...

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alejandra román
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New portfolio now online...
posted on personal section on january 19th
When I told you 2009 will be a creative year ;) To well start it, I have just upload my new portfolio at It now will be my home, I forget about imaginary moments... So, take a look at project never see n before, and for the older, shown in a new way...
Special thanks to Frédérique, FX at mediafix and all the team, Jordan, Alan, and all the nice people I work with to do all these projects... Let's start some new one ;)
Birds by Hellovon
update his exellence page on january 18th
Very nice birds drawing by Hellovon.

Check his shopvon...

u2 No line on the horizon
posted on january 17th
This would be the sleeve on the new U2 album released on march 2nd... Called "No line on the horizon" I think it is great and unexpected from a band like U2.... As official web site simply states "The album cover artworkis an image of the sea meeting the sky by Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto." +



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