posted in the web section on june 29th
A selection of portfolio web sites (photography or graphic design), for which I like the navigation...
www.dananeibert.com & www.dananeibert.net

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posted in identity section on june 28th

You can found thousand logos on http://logopond.com/ , but the problem is to find a good one ! So, I did a selection of the selection done by http://inspirionary.blogspot.com/

find on http://logopond.com/ via http://inspirionary.blogspot.com/
Rick Chapman Circle serie
posted in photo section on june 27th
I really like the circle serie of Rick Chapman.
Eugenio Recuenco
posted in photo section on june 26th
I am not really into fashion photographies, unless they have something special... and Eugenio Recuenco work has something special...
http://www.eugeniorecuenco.com/| see all the selected images in photo section
some new ads
add to exellence section on june 25th


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Jeff Soto
add to other section on june 24th
I like his illustrative work, but his installations are simply huge...


other section for all selected images | http://www.jeffsoto.com/

Illustrativo blog
posted in illustration section on june 24th
I have found what I was looking for a while, THE blog dedicated to illustration... I spend hours there, and find amazing artists as these 2 : Joy Ang & Chris Appelhans.
Check all selected images under illustration section
Eduardo Recife
update his exellence page on june 22th

I already have selected some of his non-commercial work, here come a selection of the commercial ones.


check Eduarod Recife exellence page | http://www.eduardorecife.com/

Jennifer Sterling on AIGA design archives
update her exellence page on june 21th

I have found that AIGA have put all their archives on a web site... there is too much thing, too much info kill the info... but with precise search I have found some more and bigger images of Jennifer Sterling...

check Jennifer Sterling exellence page | http://designarchives.aiga.org/

Amy Sol
posted in illustration section on june 21th
The world of Amy Sol is so nice... a dream world...

check all selected images in illustration section | http://www.amysol.com/

personal projects : Borhan exhibition invitation & Anatolie post cards
posted on june 20th

May was a very creative month... I have 3 very nice projects, the biggest one is still under production, and I can not show it, but I can show you these 2 done with mediafix.

First is Borhan exhibition. After the 3 posters, I have done a post card, a leaflet, and this invitation card... Instead of doing a simple one, I give the client the idea of doing a special envelop, inspired by an old photo envelop I have found...

For the Anatolie project, a postcard was done, with informations on the back...
See more personal projects on www.imoments.org
Nothing Something
Put in exellence section on june 17
Based in NY, this agency use the componet that I love in graphic design : nice pictures, nice colors, special fonts, old illustrations, details and... old papers !
Check all the selected images in their exellence page
Zanders Ikono workbook
posted in the print section on june 12th
This amazing book was send by Ikono to present new papers... It features very nice pictures of old object, with a very nice minimalist graphic elements...
check all the picture in the print section
NAB by Tak tak
posted in the print section on june 12th
Richard Sarson
Added to the graphic section on june 7th

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Doryssa Seaside Resort by mnp
posted in the indentity section on june 7th
I let you understand...
find on http://www.ed-awards.com
3 new movie posters
Added to the exellence movie posters section on june 6th
exellence movie posters section
Added to the indentity section on june 6th
posted in exellence section on june 5th

After the movie posters selection I have done, here come a selection of adverts that are, I would say, "well done"... It could be the picture, the message, or, also important, the graphic design of them, escpacially the integration of the logotype or the headline... I also put some gueilla concepts...

All the ads have been found on the very well done 2wenty 4our & I believe in adv

Check the 150 selected in this exellence page
June splash page by Reno Orange
Check Reno Orange exellence page



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