Projekt Triangle
posted in print section on august 29th
moreYELLOW update
moreYELLOW web site have been udpated...
How to be a good client
posted on august 28th
via ffffound / via swissmiss
1850 Daguerreotypes
posted in photo section on august 27th
These images are amazing, specially because they all have been made 160 years ago...

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Harmonie intérieure new collection
posted in personal work section on august 20th
We are working on the new collection... usual stickers but also new pictures stickers...
Check our flickr gallery, updated daily... & Harmonie intérieure web site
Stylestation - Jan finnsand identity works
posted n the identity section on august 18th
These logo are nice, but the presentation/pictures make them even nicer...
Decor8 selection
posted n the interior section on august 18th
Decor8 is simply one of the most influent home decoration blog... I discover it when Harmonie get published there and we see our visit jumping... There is so much nice stuff there, here comes a little selection of Holly' selection ;)

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Jay David - Toky
added to exellence section on august 14th
You may no know him, but his work always inspires me to push in details when I have to do web design... And the use of colors is stunning too...

There was a time, in 1999/2000, when he has his on web site and am amazing project of font for sell called done with Harsh Patel... older designer remind it?

Jay is now working at Toky.
See all selected images in his exellence section
Some of his works are on coroflot | | Toky studio
TRUST NTR Series | N° 1 The Tree (1/4)
Gaslight menu by of Rebecca Alden
posted in print section on augut 12th
Tomas Opasinski
posted in exellence section on august 10th

Tomas has kindly answer to my question about his amzing movie posters works... I update his exellence page with his answers...

Due to some problems Tomas get with studio, He ask me to remove the images from this site, please check is site for images.
Read the interview >>


Sensura studio
posted in print section on august 9th

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added in on august 8th

They don't need me to promote the movie, but I have seen it and it is simply a masterpiece... so, have some fun with these :



James Merrell
posted in the interior section on august 6th

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Duffy & partners
posted in exellence section on august 4th

I have post Duffy works several times here, but the new version of their site with bigger and nicer images of the projects, specially the Thymes ID and packaging bring them into the exellence section...

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Harmonie intérieure sale
added in personal section on july 31th

Only 5 days left for the Harmonie sell... HURRY UP Check Sale page >>





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