Joey Laurence
Added to the photo section on july 23th
When I discover his work, the words that came to me werre "how... can... ho... how... can he... so amazing... details... texture.... expression.... colors so...."

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Concrete design
put in print | identity | volume sections on july 23th

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Chen design associate
Added to the exellence section on july 21th
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Philippe Archontakis
put in identity section on july 19
very classy and super print effects on Philippe Archontakis portfolio

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Hofstede design
posted in excellence on july 19th
It is always hard to find a design studio who do very nice corporate design... and this Australian studio do !

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New images by iso50
update his exellence on jully 12th

check iso50 excellence page | found on iso50 virb page

Tziganie CD sleeves by Supercinq
added to the CD section on jully 11th

Burton snowboards by Unit Delta plus
added to the Volume on jully 11th
new projects by Unit delta plus
added to the CD section on jully 11th
REM 1991-1998 albums - special editions
Added to the excellence section on jully 10th
Michael Stipe, the singer of REM is a complete artist... he write the songs for the band, but also is a photgrapher and is invloved in the creation of the album sleeves... For each REM album, there is a special issue, a "limited edition" and the ones done in the 90's are, as the music, my favourit band period... Here come pictures of these items
1991 - Out of time
1992 - Automatic for the people
1994 - Monster
1996 - New adventure in Hi-Fi
1998 - Up
Check REM 1991-1998 albums - special editions page for all the pictures
Eric Kass CV
Added to his exellence page on jully 6th

When I work at mediafix agency, I get thousand CV of designer... very few are really creative...

When I did the graphic-exchange with Eric Kass he has send me his CV, which is so nice... it is printed on tracing paper... here come some pictures of it.

see Funnel/Eric Kass exellence page
Added to identity, print & volume section on jully 5th
Links only...
The aim of GE is to show selection of images I like, but I am so late and have so much things to do, that, before summer time, I will put "links" only with one image...
Nice graphic work over
i love the commercials done by
Amazing illustrations at
illustrations by Jerome at (he is not only telented, he is also a nice guy ;)
The commercial photgraphy portfolio of is full of nice images, my favourit are these 2 which show the polution effects of battery left in nature..
The Octonauts book available, illustration by Meomi
Jazz illustrations/art by
I recently have the chance to do a photo exhibition communication based on a photo by Michael Kenna... if you want to visit the world in black and white, check his work...
Strange world at
I do not know what is the most amazing, the quantity or the quality of the work produced by Joshua M.Smith at
Both is design and illsutration works are very good...
Jason Thielke work is very detailed and very nice, but I am not sure his web site show its full quality....
Illustrations and paintings by Tra Selhtrow
Sculpture robotos at offer very well designed objects for sale... the web site is very well done (love the navigation), and my favourit products, are, of course the office paper stuffs...
Nastuh Abootalebi does amazing visual effects, that's a fact... but on his web site, you can see the original shot and the final one, which is very interesting.... does amaing visual effects... the car which became a dancing robot is by them...
The studio Tord Bootje do amazing and unusual lamp shades... I love the Garland metal one (that I have) but there so much other nice stuff... Also, the web site is very well done...
Abelardo Morell at Joseph Bellows Gallery
Olivia Parker : Lost Objects and Ephemera at Joseph Bellows Gallery
Another way to prove what you can do with photoshop... create fake peoples... by Iwanex studio
Jully splash page by Si Scott
Check Si Scott exellence page
This is the illustration of his temp home page.



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