acupuncturist buisness card
added to the indentity section on august 31th
found on
Posted in graphic section on august 30th
FFFFOUND! is a web service that not only allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web, but also dynamically recommends each user's tastes and interests for an inspirational image-bookmarking experience!!

So, I just have 1h30 on it instead of working and found these images... but Icheck so much that i do not keep the links...

Links august selection
posted on august 30th
Dark black an white animals picture by Giacomo Brunelli
nice printed stuffs by Nicole Lafave
the site is one of the worst one I have seen, but the projects are very nice...
Some very interesting web interface, specially in the details...
An amazing collection of vintage packaging picture on flick
interesting about logo evolutions :
Huber und co
Posted in exellence section on august 29th
Anton Huber contact me to submit his work to GE... and present him as a friend of Patrick Vallee... So, from simple submission, it goes into a big print exchange and I am so happy to have and present you his so well printed projects...

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moreYELLOW adverts
added on august 16th
I design these 6 adverts... The lastest one is Catelvania, just ended yeasterday. | I publish an article about the process of creation for the Castelvania ad on my blog

3 new ads & 3 new movie posters
added to exellence section on august 14th

See adverts exellence page | See movie posters exellence page

Marco Guerra
added to photo section on august 13th

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a lesson of publicity
posted on august 12th
Antipodes water bottle
posted in the volume section on august 12th | via thedieline
ba6iks by Ikre8
posted in the identity section on august 7th
Force Tweleve
posted in excellence section on august 7th

7 days without updates... I can not pass on forctweleve new projects... I already talk about him, but with his new projects, he deserves an exellence page.

Check forcetweleve exellence page |
Less updates in august
posted on july 31th

A lot of blogs and websites are in holidays... and I am not, but I need to focus on new versions and updates of these 3 web sites :

- my own portfolio

- the mediafix agency portfolio at
(you can already see a new page with the new identity done by Fred Dauzat)

- we are working with Jordan Mauriello on a new version of his moreyellow agency web site at

So, I will do less updates on graphic-exchange, until I have done these...

Lunatic age web site
posted on july 30th
The tempory web site I designed, based on the CD sleeve, is online at

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