added in print section on september 26th
I met Olivier Gaudry when I was a young starting designer back in 1999... I have loved his use of fonts and textures, at a time of the first powermac G3 at 333Mhz (windows 1998 for PC user) and photoshop 5.5...

I am happy to have found his new web site, and his new identoty is very smart... after a long time in Clothes, it seems he came back to design...

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New personal project for Yoga CD
Another very interesting project ! Philippe Fradin is a Ayurveda Yoga teacher. To help his students to relax, he record some CD. He asks me to design the sleeve, with a limited budget.

So, we will print a identical cardboard sleeve for all, and each CD will have a different informative sticker... There will be 10 different CD. Here come what I did, and as the client like it, so I need to do the other ones...

the last mix tape - the work of Chris Thompson
Posted in graphic section on september 23th

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New Si Scott works
Added to his exellence section on september 22th
This guy is simply amazing... I found one of these image on ffffound which brings me to Typeforyou...

Here comes the story behind this : He designed/illustrated & art directed this Resonate series, for a new monthly music collective which is going to be released every month in a poster packaging format with a different animal each time.
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Some new ads
Added to exellence section on september 20th
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Added to graphic section on september 20th

mediafix new web site and new projects
update the exellence page on september 19th
mediafix is the agency where I am art director since 2002. All the work presented have been done by Fred Dauzat, Laure Dalet and myself, with François-Xavier Forgereau as creative director.

The new identoty has been done by Fred Dauzat, and the new web site is now online.

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The work of David Pearson
posted in the print section on september 19th
In the continuity of the video on letterpress posted yeasterday, here comes the very nice book cover work of David Pearson... I love the idea of series, always different but always the same...

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Letter press report
posted on september 18th
This smells good !
posted in identity , CD & volume sections on september 18th

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Bravo works
posted in graphic and identity sections on september 18th

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Lunatic age promo single
Posted on september 17th
The promo single of Lunatic age is printed... I am now working on the double digipack sleeve with 12 pages booklet that I will show you soon.

More of my work on

The work of Tomi Lahdesmaki
Posted in print and CD-music sections on september 17th

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Added to graphic section on september 16th

Illustrography by Fateo
Added to graphic section on september 16th

NexusNeuronia books
posted in print section on september 15th
Playing Konzerthaus Dortmund: Symphony in red
posted in motion section on september 14th
You first think it is the usual "ink in water" effect, but after... and it is so perfect with the music...
I found the video adsoftheworld
Lyon Opera posters by hartland villa

Studio 8
posted in print section on september 13th
The next project is very nice, and it is amazing how it looks like a project I did 2 years ago... I do the pictures by myself, so they can not have used them, but I guess the same process... Check my project to compare.
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New version of Imaginary moments, my personal portfolio
posted on september 11th
I am really happy to anccone that the new version of my portfolio is online, presenting a selection of projects. I am now freelance and available for your projects, so contact me if you think we can work together.

Fabien Barral .

Fabien Barral .

Funnel - Eric Kass - CD sleeve
update the exellence section on september 10th
I did a new exchange with Eric Kass who send me his latest porjects... most of them are already presented in his exellence page, but this CD sleeve was one of his latest project and is totally amazing !

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Tord Boontje
put in the exellence section on september 7th
I firstly discovered Tord Boontje design work wut the Gerlan light I buy at Habitat shop. I found it so unusual and so detailed...

His web site present a lot of other projets that are in the same way... and today (on september 7th 2007), at the "maison & objet" exhibit, I see most of his projects in real, and I was again amazed... Specially by the Table stories project and his packaging... But as camera are not allowed on the exhibit, I will only present you pictures found on his web site...

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Web site designed by Atelier Bidule

Tarot game by Emmanuel Polanco
update is exellence page on september 4th
Emmanuel told me about this project a while ago, and I am happy to see he did a lot of more cards... These are tarot cards...
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Sardina & Tea (but not together !)
posted in the volume section on september 4th
I do not eat Sardinas, but I buy this as the box is so nice ;) So on I check the web site of Ambert Menes, and all the packaging seem very well done...
It also remind me the Harney & Sons tea packaging...

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Photo retouch byPlatinumfmd
Add to photo section on september 2nd
The job of Platinum fmd is to make real the ides of other creative... and the do it so well!!! The web site deserves a visit to see the images in big...

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Mate Steinforth
Posted in graphic section on september 1st

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posted in the volume section on september 2nd
Found over whothefuckissandeepmakam & thedieline
Septembre splash page
posted on september 2nd
I design the new splash page... I can not believe we are in september... Anyway, my personal web site will be soon updated, really few left to do...


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