posted on october 28th
I spend the last 2 weeks over busy... today, I rest, play with my daughter, watch a movie, take a nap, eat a pizza... and 10pm, back in front of computer, alone, headphones... I take a look at the web, but no, tonight I want to do something for free, without timetable, without brief, without reason, without need... So, I interpret these 2 sentenses that I so true for me...

So... tomorrow, I start a new project, with a brief, with timetable...etc ....etc...

But after... I prepare something new, I want to see my graphic design work differently... I just need time, I want to be in HARMONY...

the KDU
posted in exellence section on october 31th

The Keystone Design Union define itself as "a privately held, global creative collective with over 500 members working in all design disciplines and beyond. Our network holds some of the top creative talents in their respective fields and this invaluable talent pool has helped us create our own dynamic publications and brand experiences.

You probably already know the work of the most famous members, as Si Scott ,the Hejz , Von or Nigel Evan Dennis that I already presented here, but when you check the global website, it is definitly a source of amazing talented peoples... A kind of "exellence " label...

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Wow project by Artless
posted in print section on october 25th
Another amazing project at artless

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Stateless by non-format
Added to CD section on october 23th
Invisible creature
Added to CD section on october 22th

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Marion B
added to illustration section on october 20th
posted in excellence section on october 19th
AvroKO is a "concept firm"... they do not only do the design of communication tools as most agency do, but they do global work : from architecture, to decoration, and even furnitures... I guess is the best way for a client to have global imagery instead of making different peoples working at different time on the same project...
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Unit delta plus
posted in the CD section on october 16th
a new selection of unit delta plus CD projects...
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Abi Massey Holga photos
Add to photo section on october 11th
As said someone on her flickr page : "Here is a girl who has found her voice. Absolutely the most nostalgic tone I've ever seen from a Holga. And what else could you ask of a photograph, but to remind you of a time you never really knew?"
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Si scott new projects
Update his exellence page on october 11th
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Added to graphic & print sections on october 10th
The week project by Manicho
Added to graphic section on october 8th

Letters - numbers
added to volume & print section on october 5th

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moreYELLOW new web site and new projects
added top the exellence section on october 2nd
moreYELLOW is the agency of Jordan Mauriello based in California and I am so glad to meet him and to have worked on a lot of these projects (the ones on white background)...

We just put online a new website that presents all these latest projects, and also the web site on the powercore campain...

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