Restaurants Identity book
Posted in identity section on november 30th
This book focus on identity made for restaurants and food market.
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Ralph Loren tags by Daily poetics
posted in the print section on november 28th
After the selection of her buisness cards collection last week, here come some tags she keeps to. All by Kariann Burleson aka Dailypoetics on flick.

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Personal project : Harmonie Intérieure - Interior decorative workshop
posted in on november 25th
I working on this for months now, with the help of my wonderfull wife. After being graphic designer for years I wanted to create image for what they are and not for what they sell... I want to put it online in december, i hope, with paypal payment at first... Here is the first images, more details soon...

Check Flick page, I will put new creation each time I can | bookmark

Business cards collection by Dailypoetics
posted in exellence section on november 24th
I think there was a life before and after ffffound... it brings me again to an amazing stuffs i would never found without it... the amazing collection of business cards build by the very friendly Kariann Burleson. I have lost myself in all the image she put in her flickr page and this is a selection of the buinsess cards...

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La flaneuse / Copyright depuis 1965
posted in exellence section on november 17th

Under this strange name hide an talented photographer & graphic designer too... Here work touch me so much that I check her 590 photos published in flickr.... Here is a selection of ... amazing, simply...

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Some nice works...
posted in graphic section on november 12th

by Michael Young -

Metamorphoseas project and Behance contest
posted on november 6th
Christophe Gauspohl, from Chicago, contact me some months ago as we share the same passion about this graphic design... He asks me to design this poster for a special event in San Francisco for new year eve. Organized each year, the poster is always based on a woman and sea... This year event is called "metamorphoseas".

The girl picture have been done by a photographer called Arrow, and I asked Christel Loop, a calligrapher friend, to do a special writing for the maintitle...
Check to see the process for the creation of such a poster.
I have been invited to create my profile at Behance network... It is really easy to use, and based on the same idea as virb or my space, but speciallised in creation... Check it
Studiokxx web projects
posted in web section on november 6th

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I did more...
posted on november 4th
I having fun with this font works so I keep going...

Hard format selection of CD sleeves
Hard format is the blog run buy Justin and Colin, about music design... very nice stuffs there, but also, some I can't stand ;) Here is my selection of their selection...

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Typographie vintage book
posted in graphic section on november 2nd
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The Hejz - november splash page
posted in graphic on october 31th

This month splash page has been done by Peter Jaworowsky- The Hejz and so on I came back on the Nokia iages de design for the poland web site. |



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