added to the volume and print sections on december 30th
I think this "Everlasting adhesive calendar" is the perfect last image published on graphic-exchange in 2007... Soon, a brand new year, like a new start, something different, we expect something huge, we have hope... that's maybe the reason why we change of year, to restart....

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You already know his work as he has been feature several time on this site, specially lately under the kdu exellence page; and also because he is so talented and featured on so much design web sites... He deserves his exellence page here, as his work is so special and so unique...
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Merry Christmas
posted in on december 21th
I wish you all a wonderfull christmas, full of joy an hapiness with family and friends.

I am working with my wife, on the "Harmonie" project to put it online on january 02. Here comes the first images of the mounted pictures and stickers.

Harmonie interieure project

Flickr photo selection
posted in photo section on december 15th
I always think Flickr was more a tool for people who don't know how to build a web site... I set up an account for the Harmonie interieure project, and so discover amazing photographies, more that I expect... It is impossible by now to put all them on GE, also because it is so easy to make my own selection directly on flickr... So, if you have 2 hours and want to see stunning images, check my flickr selection.

check my flickr selection.

Fradin CD project
posted in on december 13th
Sorry for the lack of updates but I aam busy and i pass the past week without web connection. More "other people" projects soon. Until then, here comes one of my projects : This project was long to do, but I am really happy with the result. Philippe Fradin contacted me some months ago to realize a collection of Yoga CD, to guide his students in their practice of relaxation exercices.

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Linotype ID by Robert J. Bolesta
Posted in the identity section december 3td
Nothing to ad...
December splash page
posted in on december 03td
I design this month splash page....

D'un pôle à l'autre
Posted on november 30th
Another nice project bring to me by mediafix. Based on paintings of Fabien Pouzerat (I work with him last year on the Manouchian project), I design the poster, postcard, invitation and giant plastic poster that are put all around the city of Clermont- Ferrand.
Personal project : Harmonie Intérieure - Interior decorative workshop
posted in on november 25th
I working on this for months now, with the help of my wonderfull wife. After being graphic designer for years I wanted to create image for what they are and not for what they sell... I want to put it online in december, i hope, with paypal payment at first... Here is the first images, more details soon...

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